Wednesday, 23 August -- Kronborg Castle and Louisiana Art Gallery

Wednesday, 23 August -- Kronborg Castle and Louisiana Art Gallery

50 years ago this summer, my mom and dad did a "grand tour" of Europe, including a few days in Copenhagen. One of their funny stories was about their visit to Elsinor (the castle in Hamlet). I had decided to try to go there on this trip because of that, and today was the day. Larry and I spent about 40 minutes at the Central Train Station getting Copenhagen Cards and finding the commuter train that would take us there. We'd discovered that the Louisiana Gallery is in Humlebaek, on the same train line, so we got off there first.

It was amazing! Both the art and the setting are unbeatable (well, some of the art -- some of it is just plain weird!). AND there's a great cafe where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Back on the train to Helsingor and to Hamlet's castle.

What fun! Actors do bits of the play then rush off to another part of the castle or grounds with the crowd running after them for the next scene. One little girl kept saying "hurry, hurry, I don't want to miss a moment of this". We even had a private encounter with the ghost of Hamlet's father. The castle itself is worth the visit, even without the Shakespearean antics. We groped our way through the dark underground casemates, saw the king's and queen's apartments, wandered around the courtyards and onto the ramparts, and visited the lovely chapel. Then caught the train back to Copenhagen for our last night in the city.

 Our Copenhagen Cards gave us free admission to Tivoli Gardens, so we went there around 10, wandered around enjoying the lights and watched the Wednesday night fireworks. The park didn't seem too full until the fireworks ended, then there was a mob at the exits. Nice ending to a great time in Copenhagen.

Photos of the Day 

Video: Shakespeare Macbeth 1 2:42

Video: Shakespeare Macbeth 2 1:05

Video: Shakespeare Macbeth 3 0:18


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