Tuesday 22 August - Copenhagen Denmark

Tuesday 22 August - Copenhagen Denmark

Museums are free on Tuesdays, but don't open until 11, so we had a latish breakfast and walked to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, an art museum of the collection of one of the Carlsberg beer family.
It's quite beautiful -- both the collection and the building. We looked at sculptures by several famous Danish artists as well as paintings.

However, Larry and I had not made it to the canal tour yet and our tickets were only good today, so we took off on our own. The canal tour was the best thing yet. I wish we'd done it very first thing yesterday. We saw many of the same buildings, but from better perspectives, and the back of the Little Mermaid. After that, we thought we might have time for the bus loop out  past the Carlsberg breweries, but traffic was slow and then we took a wrong turn when we got off the bus, so when we ran across a sidewalk cafe we opted for a very late lunch and beer.

Photos of the Day

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