Thursday 17 August -- Stavanger Norway

Thursday 17 August -- Stavanger, Norway

Woke up barely in time to grab a bite and make it to our early tour. We got on a smaller boat for the trip into Lysefjord, narrower and with steeper sides than any we'd seen before. Rock overhangs and cliff caves where "vagabonds" (smugglers?) evaded authorities, goats pastured in impossible places.
 We were greeted by a Viking as we disembarked to enjoy coffee and waffles with strawberry preserves and heavy cream, along the edge of the fjord (delicious!).

Back on board our ship before the rain started, then back out to walk through the open market to the Stavanger Domkirke, a cathedral dating from 1125. The stained glass windows have been removed for repair and local art college students produced paper replacements with modern interpretations of  religious symbols. It was drizzling again, so we walked back on cobbled streets through an interesting area of shops, bars and restaurants, to the ship. Along the way, I posed with a couple of trolls. It seems that they come in all sizes and, while the males are ugly with long pointed noses, the females are beautiful and seductive. (I posed with 2 males, so likely will be taken for a troll in the photo.)

2nd in trivia today!

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