Thursday 10 August Isafjordur Iceland

Thursday 10 August  Isafjordur Iceland
   After a very comfortable night we took our time over breakfast, enjoying the company of a couple from Connecticut.  Our tour to Vigur Island started with a 30 minute ride in a small, enclosed powerboat over slightly choppy water. It was pretty chilly. At the island we really buttoned (and zipped) up, grabbed sticks to ward off the Arctic terns and set out for a short walk.
The small windmill has been in place for well over 100 years. Originally it was used to grind (imported) corn, but went out of use in 1916. Puffins, guillemots, and eider ducks nest here, as well as the terns and we saw them all, as well as seals. One family has owned and farmed the island for 4 generations, but all the children of the current farmer have left the island. The main source of income is gathering, cleaning and selling eider down. They served us delicious cakes and coffee and we looked around a traditional house. Perhaps most fascinating were the stories of elves and trolls who live in the area. A late lunch back at the ship and a quiet time before Cathy and I teamed up with a couple from L.A., Andy & Pat, for trivia and came 3rd of some huge number of teams. The Captain's Reception gave us an excuse to dress up and there we learned that tonight we'll cross the Arctic Circle.
   After dinner we watched a show in the theatre and then played "Name That tune" (we came second on that ).  At midnight we could still see a very bright glow on the horizon as seen in this midnight photo from our balcony. 






 Day's Photos: Isafjordur Iceland (Vigur Island Tour)

Video: Vigur Island Panorama 0:18

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