Thursday 24 August -- Copenhagen to Reykjavik to home

Thursday 24 August -- Copenhagen to Reykjavik to home
  We had such spacious accommodations in Copenhagen that we really had to spend some time checking every nook and cranny for forgotten items. Of course, we all had the usual problem that our
belongings had grown and gained weight, so packing was a challenge. We didn't see our hosts, Anders and Vibe, to say goodbye, so left them notes all over the place about things we'd noticed or not understood. It was too bad because we really didn't get to talk to them when we arrived either. She's and artist and he has an interesting history of world travel and experiences. I took a few photos of some of the art in their apartment. There are hundreds of interesting things, some of her creation and others collected. Julia and Larry wrestled our luggage to the ground floor and we piled into a cab. At the airport, construction kept us from being dropped near our terminal, so we had a bit of a hike. Must learn to pack lighter! Then much of the process was a lot more automated than we usually see. Our gate hadn't been announced so Larry and I enjoyed a last Danish-style lunch, while Cathy and Julia enjoyed the Biz Class lounge.
  When we got to Reykjavik, we could see that our flight was delayed by nearly an hour so I went off to the Icelandair Baggage desk to see if I could get my compensation for the lost luggage on the way over. Took awhile and 2 stops plus back through security, but I got it in US cash. When I caught up with Larry, we had to go through Passport Control. That seemed odd, since arriving passengers don't do that and departing ones do. They don't care who comes into the country, just who leaves it? Then we walked through the lovely high-end shopping area -- spacious and light-filled, until we came to our concourse -- then OMG!!!! Crowds you wouldn't believe. Every gate mobbed. Very few seats, so people were standing and sitting wherever there was a little space on the floor. It was a struggle to move anywhere. No apparent problem, so this is just how they treat departing passengers from the Reykjavik airport, apparently. Not even remotely impressive, especially when we heard from Cathy and Julia that the Biz Class Lounge is one of the most opulent they've seen. Then a painfully slow check-in process, a bus to the plane and a long flight of steps to board the plane. Very crowded seating on the plane, so we were happy to get to Pearson and on our way home. Given the overall performance I'd have to rate Icelandair at about a D. I guess that's how they offer such good fares. Obviously Biz Class passengers have a very different experience -- their luggage even came off at Pearson about 30 minutes before ours did. But I truly cannot say much nice about the Economy Class experience.
  While I'm in a rating mood, I should say that Regent Seven Seas knows how to do cruising -- I give them an A, for sure. We were very well-treated every moment of the time on board, had comfortable accommodations, good plentiful food (even with my need for garlic-free, which the chefs were happy to accommodate) and drinks, and the shore excursions were uniformly interesting and well-conducted. Did I mention we've already booked another cruise with them for Feb 2018? New Zealand and Australia. Watch for the blog.

Photos of the Day

  It really was a wonderful vacation. We saw lots of interesting places and things, enjoyed a different culture, ate and drank well, had lots of fun. But it's always nice to come home and sleep in our own bed, look out at our own garden, prepare and eat our own familiar food.

Janice Hatt
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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