Monday 14 August -- Lerwick, Shetland Islands (Scotland)

Monday 14 August -- Lerwick, Shetland Islands.
    This morning we had to clear UK immigration (a short & sweet process) before tendering into town. There we met our local guide for a walking tour. It's a solid and steep compact place, with a population of about 7000. It has to be sturdy to withstand the winter gales. The street names were all updated in the 1840s, but the signs still show both names -- I guess that's to give people lots of time to get used to the new names.
   The fort's cannons have never been fired defensively, though the Dutch did burn the fort down a few centuries ago.
   The little Scottish Episcopal church is lovely. People have hand-knit kneeling cushions hanging on the backs of the pews, all different.
   While we admired the waterfront, standing by the house that is the home of Jimmy Perez on the TV
 show "Shetland", a man in chef's garb came out and offered us beautiful, delicious hand-made chocolates. Later we searched out his shop and bought some.
   A "chippie" was recommended for lunch, but by the time we found it, it was raining, there were only outside tables and they take cash only. So we returned to the ship for a hamburger. Too bad, would have liked to try "real" fish and chips.
    We really bombed at Trivia today. Kept narrowing down to 2 answers and choosing the wrong one. Sigh.

Photos of the Shetland Day

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