Saturday 19 August - Oslo Norway

Saturday, 19 August -- Oslo Norway --   It was rainy (apparently a common situation in Scandinavia), so we were glad not to have a morning tour.  We could see some interesting activity and architecture from the ship.
   After lunch we set off on the Maritime Highlights Tour - so interesting!  Of course, as we drove through the city, our guide pointed out many interesting areas and buildings. We stopped first at the Viking Ship Museum, where we saw 3 actual Viking ships dating from the 7th and 8th centuries. Two are in remarkable condition.

At the Kon Tiki Museum we were able to see the original Kon Tiki Raft and also a reed boat the Hyderdahl used for another voyage.

The last stop was the Fram museum, dedicated to Polar exploration. We went aboard the Fram and saw up-close how those polar explorers lived more than 100 years ago. And glory be! our trip back to the ship was in bright sunshine.

Photos of the Day

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