Friday 11 August -- Akureyri Iceland

Friday 11 August -- Akureyri -- We had a quiet morning before setting out on the Akureyri Nature & History Tour. We visited the most northerly botanical garden in the world, and found that many of our usual garden plants have been brought here and do very well. The local ones are past their glory at this time of year and look much like the landscapes we've been seeing for he past several days, but we're told they're brilliant in June.

From there we drove through the hills to Godafoss Waterfall -- which resembles a mini-Niagara Falls. It was drizzling a bit, so no rainbows, but it's pretty anyway.

The Laufas Museum, on the way back, is a sod house that has been in existence for about 1000 years. It expanded over time to a sprawling warren of rooms and was inhabited until 1936. Sod walls have been repaired and replaced but always in the same spot.
Best dinner yet, in the Compass Rose restaurant (the trick was to show up early and get a window table). Cathy & Julia got to the dining room a bit later than we did and were a couple tables away. They actually spotted a whale out the window by their table. We had been watching, but didn't see anything.

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Video: Godafoss falls 0:18


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