Tuesday 8 August - Reykjavik

 Tuesday 8 August -- Reykjavik -- So glad we did the Golden Circle yesterday, since today is cloudy, chilly and drizzly. We had a leisurely start, making our way on foot to the pedestrian part of the city. We picked up Reykjavik Loves the city cards, so we could visit museums and use public transit, then went our separate ways. Larry and I started by visiting Hallgrimskirkja, a beautiful, soaring white Lutheran church built 1945-86. An organist was playing the 5,275-pipe organ to the accompaniment of a bassist.

There was quite a crowd listening, but we didn't recognize the music. The interior of the church is all white, very calm, and pretty. Out front is a statue of Leif Erikson, famous in Canadian history. We found a really nice nearby restaurant and enjoyed warm black bread with delicious soup. By then it was really raining, but we were ready for it and set out to walk to the National Gallery. Navigation isn't easy in a city that doesn't have a grid system and in which street names might be 17 letters long, with some letters we've
never encountered before. But we got our bearings, and found our way.

We decided that to us, Icelandic art is weird. From the Gallery we navigated our way across the lake to the National Museum where we learned a lot about Icelandic history and saw very interesting artifacts. By the time we left there, we were getting damp and chilly so headed back toward our "home", making a detour to pick up some food for a light supper. Cathy and Julia came in shortly after we did, having enjoyed a very different itinerary. Supper was simple and then we three oldies relaxed while Julia walked to a nearby thermal pool.

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