Sunday 13 August - Torshavn The Faroe Islands (Denmark)

Sunday 13 August - Torshavn, The Faroe Islands
   Larry enjoyed watching ["supervising"] the approach and docking procedures very early Sunday morning.  It's a lovely harbour/fjord, though we're docked in a container freight area.
We joined a tour after lunch, just as heavy rain started.  Our guide
Gudrun was an older lady who told us that she had a new hip so was being a bit careful. She also claimed to forget how many were on the tour, so asked us just to let her know if any were missing as the bus left each point. We even stopped the bus once to check from an overlook  if anyone who might have been left behind was running up the road.

First stop was the workshop of a wood turner who uses local woods to create lampshades and bowls.  Beautiful stuff and interesting techniques, but too costly and fragile to bring home.  Gorgeous setting though.
   The site of a the 1100 year old home was interesting as we learned how the earliest people to settle here lived. We had several other stops to overlook the area. It's lovely, but we were cold and wet and happy to get back to the ship.
The show was great fun and dinner was delicious. The people running this ship certainly know how to do that stuff! We'll likely gain a bunch of pounds on this trip.

Photos at Torshavn

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