Monday 7 August - Reykjavik and Golden Circle

Monday 7 August -- Reykjavik and Golden Circle -- Today is a bank holiday in Iceland, so much of the city is closed. Other than the fact that I need some things (missing with my luggage) and can't get them, that's OK since we've decided to do the Golden Circle Tour and have it marked on our map and entered into Cathy and Julia's iPhone. [Larry Note:  with the high cost of phone data abroad an extremely effective method to use phone gps away from wifi is to preload the route on Google Maps and then Google gives directions even though not on wifi or cell data. We wouldn't have easily found our Airbnb coming or going or our route today without it]   It truly is a wonderful variety of landscapes out there. First stop was a walk down into a fissure in the earth


and along it to a rather nice waterfall. Larry was chilly in his shorts and short-sleeved shirt, so turned back, but the rest of us enjoyed the walk and the view.
   We went on and found a roadside restaurant/store for a brief food stop and continued on dwindling roads to "the geyser". What a crowd! After seeing few cars or people, suddenly we were in the midst of a mob. Busses and cars clogged the whole area and crowds swarmed the walkways. The main geyser erupts every few minutes with no warning and varying strength.  Cathy managed to catch a good photo; the rest of us failed. The whole area is active, with steam rising and little geysers bubbling away. The temperature and breeze are quite brisk, even though it is very sunny at times. Lots of people are wearing ski jackets and woolen hats. I'm OK in jeans and fleece (luckily, since that's all I have until my suitcase turns up).
We have been warned in the brochures, on signs and other info not to step off the paths because of the fragility of the local flora and fauna. However, over and over we see people ignoring the barriers and wandering over the delicate areas. It's depressing, maybe even disgusting, that so many people are so disrespectful of nature in this beautiful place.
Next stop was a much more spectacular waterfall, in 3 stages, ending in another of those fissures; lots of spray and beautiful surroundings. Julia and I climbed to a higher level and realized we had a view of a very large glacier. After we rejoined Cathy and Larry, we drove up and along a road leading to the glacier, but turned back when we reached the "4 x 4 required" sign. Along the way home we stopped at an overlook with a terrific view of a place where waters from a river and glacial melt meet -- totally different colours. Lovely.
   As we approached Reykjavik we lost our navigation system, so had a very small adventure until we could get back on track, and find home. Still no sign of my missing suitcase, though Bag Tracker said it had arrived at the airport here 12 hours ago. So I sent off a note to Icelandair and we went back to the same brewpub as last night for dinner. Shortly after we got back the bag arrived, followed by an email from Icelandair saying it was coming. So hooray! I don't have to go on this cruise with only the clothes that have been on my back for several days! We toasted that development with some nice cognac and are contemplating bed. Difficult though. It's nearly 10 pm and bright daylight!

Link to All Photos of the Day

23sec Video of Small Blow of Big Geyser 

9sec Video of Bubbling Caldron


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  1. Glad your bag arrived Janice. I guess next step if it did not arrive was to wear Larrys clothes. I guess the other way might have veen interesting too.
    Loving pics and video too.