Monday 21 August - Copenhagen Denmark

Monday 21 August - Copenhagen, Denmark
   Disembarkation is never fun, but today it was complicated by a traffic jam and some kind of accident with water landing on a taxi or some people from the ship.  It was from the ship washing above and it caused some very colourful language!
   After gathering ourselves together we stood in line about 30 minutes for a taxi.  We all felt immediately that this is the best city on the trip.  It's really lovely.
   We met our hosts soon after finding the address, and also the previous guests who had just done an Iron Man competition the day before.  Luckily we were able to leave our luggage and go out on the town.
   We walked a while, then found a Hop-On-Hop-Off stop and did one loop without any hopping. [lack of photos of the day is due to bus riding ]
   Off the bus we found a little bar in a pedestrian area and ate fish and chips.  Then Cathy and Julia went in search of further adventure while Larry and I returned to the Airbnb. It's a big third-floor apartment in a busy area, close to lots of great areas and easy to  navigate anywhere. No elevator, so we struggled a bit with our heavy luggage up several steep flights of stairs. But the space is worth it.

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