Friday 18 August - Skagen Denmark

Friday 18 August - Skagen Denmark
   Best day yet!  That could have a lot to do with the sun and mild temperatures.

But it's also a lovely town with yellow houses, red tiled roofs, gardens full of colourful flowers; heather and Mountain Ash, and rose bushes full of gigantic hips in the country side.
Our tour began at the Art Museum.  This is one of those places with magical light, so Impressionist-era painters flocked here, leaving lovely works.
  The Sand Church is amazing - built in the early 15th century it held 1000 worshipers.  Sand gradually drifted over it and by the mid-19th century it was abandoned.  Only part of its tower now stands above the sand.
   On the way to the most northern tip of Denmark (or, as our guide mentioned, the most northerly point of Europe, disregarding of course Sweden and Norway), we passed 3 different lighthouses that had each been built on the northern tip and replaced 100 years later as that point grew with sand.  The first is called "the parrot" because of its appearance.  It was replaced by the white, and then the grey towers.
  Once to the parking area, we boarded a "Sand Worm" for the last leg of the trip.  That's a trolley pulled by a tractor with huge wheels.
  Out on the very tip, I stood with one foot in the North Sea and one in the Baltic...or the Skagerrack and  Kattegat as they say.
  I may not have thought it through, as I had to return to the ship with sandy feet, but it was fun and the water was surprisingly warm. [ I held her shoes while a wave went over my shoes ]

Photos of the Day

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