Tuesday 15 August -- Alesund, Norway

 Tuesday 15 August -- Alesund, Norway.
   We were startled awake this morning at 10 by our stewardess Lucia, checking if we were OK. She usually sees us by about 8 or so and was concerned. I can't imagine why we slept in, possibly because there was a time change and there'd also been rough seas until about 5.
I dashed off to play morning Trivia (4th place -- not great, but better than the day before), then we went ashore and wandered through the pretty Art Deco city of Alesund. We found an ATM, got some Norwegian money and bought fish and chips for lunch. Billed as "probably the best in the world", they were pretty good, but too salty for my taste.
  In the afternoon we joined a tour to the Sunnmore Museum, where we saw many very old houses and boats. There were even Viking boats resurrected from the sea or from marshes. A building held displays explaining various parts of Norwegian history, including the connection between a local Viking hero, Rollo, and the British Royal Family. Our guide was a young high school student on his summer holidays. He was excellent.
   After dinner, everyone gathered in the atrium to dance to the music of the Beatles.

Photos of the Day 

Video: Alesund Norway Panorama 0:30

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